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Whether for safety or aesthetics, clearing brush, trimming trees, and grinding stumps are an important maintenance task for any property owner. Beaver Creek Landscaping and Nursery works with landowners to ensure a balance between nature and danger.

“We have the equipment and the expertise to safely and effectively remove brush and trim trees. Our new forestry mulcher is the perfect tool to clear brush, stumps, unwanted trees, and more,” said Jeff Barth, owner. “We can install trails through woods, create fire lanes, develop an area food plots, and help with other projects to enhance wooded properties. Instead of attempting to do these tasks yourself, it can be safer and easier to enlist professional help.”

According to the US Fire Administration, 2/3 of all agricultural-related fires are caused by brush. Maintaining property can prevent damage to family, crops, livestock, and buildings.

Tree trimming is also important, as it removes dead branches, improves form, and results in a healthier tree. It can also help prevent potential hazards – such as a tree falling onto a building or power line during a high wind.

“This is a great time of year to grind stumps as well,” said Barth. “The ground is frozen so the hard-to-reach areas are now accessible.”

He added that whatever the project, he is happy to provide an estimate.

Maintaining property is a lot of work if you try to tackle it yourself, but it’s something we excel at and love to do,” said Barth. “We encourage anyone seeking help with trees or brush to give us a call.”

A quick phone call is all it takes to get started towards a safer, more beautiful property: 715-498-6996.

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