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A full-time firefighter/paramedic in Marshfield, Jeff Barth started his business with mowing 10 lawns per week. Since 1997, his business Beaver Creek Nursery & Landscaping has been steadily growing. Now, he employs 24 people (including seasonal help) and holds contracts with significant businesses throughout the Midwest, offering full landscaping from design to install, tree removal, lawn mowing, snow plowing, ice dam removal, roof snow removal, power washing, and more.

Jeff Barth

“I’ve always done projects around the house and my schedule at the fire department allowed me to pursue my business dream,” said Barth, who plans to retire from the department later this year.

Beaver Creek’s big break came when Hardee’s Restaurants awarded them the contract to re-landscape all of their Midwest locations. Other local clients include the City of Marshfield, Wood County Parks, Marshfield Utilities, Staab Construction, and Marawood – to name a few.

“We work with a lot of local guys,” said Barth, adding that supporting local business and nonprofits is important to him and his business.

“I always buy local as much as I possibly can,” he said. “We also try to give back to the community. Local is important to me.”

Barth recently purchased 13 lawn mowers from local business PowerPac, and applauds the business’s customer service. He’s also been impressed with his local banker, Forward Bank.

A longtime customer, Forward Bank hired Barth to complete their landscaping.

“That showed me that they believe in me,” he said. “They are just great people to work with. Without their support, I wouldn’t be where I am.”

He takes pride in his work, and is conscious of his business’s presence in the community.

Jeff Barth

“We mow things that people see every day. We are out in the public,” he said. “We always strive to do a good job.”

Barth enjoys seeing a project come together from start to finish, and credits his employees for their dedication and hard work.

“At the end of the day, you can physically see what you’ve done. It’s a different kind of satisfaction compared to my job at the fire department,” he said. “Without my employees, I would be nothing. I try to be the hardest worker to be a good role model.”

He has big plans for the future of the business, including adding a new store and design center. Barth’s son, Colin, is planning to take over the business after Jeff retires to continue his other career of professional fishing.

Contact Beaver Creek at 715-498-6996 or via their website at beavercreeklandscapingwi.com

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